The science: We now know why we get sick when we’re cold

US researchers have finally shown how, during the winter temperatures, the human body is more susceptible to viral and infectious diseases.

Does a bout of cold cause respiratory diseases? The answer is yes, according to the latest findings of American scientists. study Published on December 5 in the scientific journal “Journal of Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyIntuition confirms that the cold promotes the development of viruses and infectious diseases.

Scientists from Mass Eye and Ear and Northeastern University have determined that extracellular sacs, in our nose that contain virus-fighting agents, are affected by cold and thus become less efficient.

The researchers tested the effectiveness of the extracellular vesicles after the person was outside for fifteen minutes at a temperature of 4.4 degrees Celsius, and the result was clear.

Approximately 42% of the extracellular vesicles then disappeared from the nasal cells, leaving room for possible infection.

“How can we exploit this natural phenomenon and re-establish a defense mechanism in the nose and enhance this protection, especially during the colder months?” Then he asked the researchers who are now looking for solutions such as nasal sprays to strengthen the nasal immunity, and reduce the risk of infection Viral diseases And contagious in the winter.

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