Mercier becomes a city friendly to kings

Mercier becomes a city friendly to kings

there Mercier city It is proud to have received the Monarch Friendly City certification from the David Suzuki Foundation. The certificate affirms the city’s commitment to preserving the King’s homeland through five concrete actions. Since the launch of the initiative, more than 340 mayors and municipal leaders have pledged to help save monarchs in North America, including more than 80 in Quebec.

The inauguration took place in the presence of the representatives of the city of Mercier, namely Marie-Claude Peron, environmental advisor, Lise Michaud, mayor of the city, Jean-Pierre Trudeau, blue-collar worker, Philippe Drollet, municipal councilor for district 4, and Ronald Caron. , blue collar.

The Mayor of Mercier, Lise Michaud, is proud of the commitment made by the municipality.

“Mercier is committed to preserving the environment for future generations, so certification goes hand in hand with our values ​​of sustainable development,” she said. This is why helping this migratory insect in grave danger is a challenge for us. We are convinced that the people of Mercier will join this movement and that our collective efforts will make a difference in this fight for the butterfly’s survival.

Municipal and civil procedures

Here are the top five measures that have been or are underway by the City of Mercier without the City Friend of Kings testimonial framework:

  • Pass a resolution in the City Council to raise awareness regarding the declining population of monarchs and the need for this species to establish and protect suitable habitats for its survival.
  • Create an illustration garden fit for a king in front of the library entrance.
  • Organizing free distribution of milkweed seeds.
  • Organizing community activities to introduce citizens to the King and encourage them to establish residential areas.
  • Integrate King conservation into the city’s future environmental policy.
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Throughout the month of September, citizens are invited to visit the library where a selection of books on the topic of insects and pollinators will be available, as well as an exhibition on the monarch butterfly. In addition to the commitments made by the municipality, citizens will also be invited to participate in various actions to contribute to the restoration of the King’s Home.

“Municipalities play a crucial role in preserving the Monarch butterfly and its habitat. They can take simple actions that have a fundamental impact on the survival of this species as well as other pollinators, as well as educate their citizens on the importance of participating in these conservation efforts. In this spirit we salute the commitment of the City of Mercier.” explained the Head of Mobilization and Public Participation. In Quebec at the David Suzuki Foundation, Alexandre Hoyt, “We hope that this initiative will inspire other municipalities to join this broad movement to protect this emblematic butterfly.”

species at risk

Remember, the monarch butterfly is an endangered species: its population has declined dramatically over the past two decades. Scientists attribute this decline to the degradation and loss of breeding habitats. However, municipalities can play a major role in protecting the habitat of this emblematic butterfly and contributing to the conservation of this species.

To encourage municipalities to take concrete measures to protect the King, as well Mercier cityThe David Suzuki Foundation, in partnership with Space for Life, launched this initiative A city friendly to kings In Quebec, which aims to implement measures aimed at restoring royal habitats and raising public awareness.

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