The Mayor of Montsenere Tonegrand, Patrick Licante, relaunch the debate on the immigration issue in Guyana

The Forum of Patrick Licante, Mayor of Montsenere-Tonegrand, has been posted on social networks, serving as an appeal for another controlled, organized and selected immigration in Guyana. A city council member makes proposals, including proposing legislation adapted to the territory of Guyana. Explain it.

Mayor of Montsenere Tonegrand in a column entitled “The Immigration We Want!” Recalls the current situation in Guyana which certifies: “…the migration of misery, ruin, disease, the flight of entire families from countries at war or plagued by gangs and failed states…Our current migration is also a migration of opportunity and social predation, let us be clear about this: getting free rights and benefits, making others pay and stifling our communities It is unacceptable. It must end immediately…”

Immigration that must allow the economic development of French Guiana

So the tone has been set and at this point Patrick Licante reminds us that this forum aims to open: a discussion on the issue of immigration …

It’s an age-old debate that applies to everyone, be they politicians, administrators or business people. Guyana has always been built on successive waves of immigration… The issue of immigration is a central issue because we are witnessing a migration crisis across the entire planet. A new generalized movement of the population coming from regions in crisis or in a state of war, either regions linked to climate change or land impoverishment and that is why I wanted to open the discussion and make some proposals…”.

Patrick Licante does not stand for or against immigration but asserts that a territory like Guyana, the size of Portugal, needs arms, brains and an economy tied to its natural resources. Migration could be a response to the model of development and economic growth that Guyanese want in their lands. But he insists that it is no longer possible to support uncontrolled immigration, which cannot be controlled because of a supranational element. The Geneva Convention, ratified by France, imposes on its territory the reception of political refugees. But Mayor Licante asserts, that what applies to France, a developed country in Europe is not necessarily the same in a southern, backward country like Guyana where it lacks basic infrastructure.

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advocates aedile Change the model and it is proposed to tighten the reception for 5 yearsIt is time for the communities and the state to create the necessary infrastructure and structure the reception in the region: “This migration will then serve the policy of development rather than as a new weight for economic growth…”

And evoke the famous sentence of Francois Mitterrand “We can’t keep firing rockets against the background of slums… It was announced nearly 40 years ago and is still in effect today.
So it is about the definition of social enterprise followed in 1Verse The council on which the economic model will be created that will make it possible to indicate which potential immigrants are the economic sectors in which they will be useful.
A proposal that is not new and does not prevent humanity…: “It’s our normal DNA because we are all by Edward Glissant’s definition…”

The entire column can be found here:

Grandstand Patrick Lecante

today, Gerald Darmanin as Minister of the Interior He announced the postponement of an immigration bill that was due to be submitted to senators in October. He would first like to have a major debate in the National Assembly on this topic. It should be noted that this is a matter of lifting the “legislative reservations” that prevent the expulsion of foreign criminals from the Territory.

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