Transportation of migrants by air | California governor threatens to sue DeSantis for kidnapping

Transportation of migrants by air |  California governor threatens to sue DeSantis for kidnapping

(Los Angeles) Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday threatened to sue his Florida Republican counterpart, Ron DeSantis, for “kidnapping” after two groups of migrants arrived by private plane in the California capital, Sacramento.

As a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election, Mr. DeSantis has been leading the policy of moving immigrants to democratic countries for several months, as a sign of protest against the immigration policy of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Significantly last September, the governor of Florida claimed to have flown 48 immigrants by plane from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard Island, a popular vacation spot for high society Americans, located in the state of Massachusetts (northeast).

He later signed into law a law in February allowing his administration to transfer illegal immigrants to another state, including if they live outside of Florida.

“Ron DeSantis, pathetic little guy,” Gavin Newsom tweeted. “It’s not Martha’s Vineyard here. A kidnapping charge?” he added, along with a screenshot of the California law section on kidnappings.

On Saturday, State Attorney General Rob Ponta announced the opening of an investigation into the arrival of these immigrants, stating that they had papers “that are supposed to come from the Florida government.”

“We are considering the possibility of filing a criminal or civil case against those who transported or organized the transportation of these vulnerable migrants,” he added.

The first group of migrants, from Colombia and Venezuela, arrived on Friday, and the second group, mostly from Venezuela, landed on Monday, according to US media.

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AFP asked Ron DeSantis’ team to respond immediately.

According to a judicial investigation, the newspaper reported that immigrants who arrived on Martha’s Vineyard in September were lured onto the plane with false promises of employment. Miami Herald.

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