The new version of the horror game Layers of Fear reveals its gameplay

Bloober Team reveals 11 minutes of gameplay from its remake of Layers of Fear, a game rewritten under Unreal Engine 5 to be truly scary.

The Bloober Team studio has given players a very comprehensive look at their remastered squad Layers of fear. This includes the game Layers of fear creative, Layers of fear 2, all the expansions from these two games plus an all-new, never-before-seen chapter that promises to give fans a “fresh perspective” on the first game’s story. All events in the series will be linked with the help of a brand new character, The Writer, who is at the center of the series The gameplay video is at least 11 minutes long that interests us today.

Bloober Team reveals 11 minutes of gameplay from its remake Layers of fear

The video in question shows The Writer exploring the darkest lighthouse. Of course, it doesn’t take long for some really scary things to start happening. Your lantern is a very important defense against all those things that can lurk around in the night. You will also need it to solve various puzzles and reveal many secrets.

A game rewritten under Unreal Engine 5 to be really scary

The Bloober team has reworked the games Layers of fear Using the Unreal Engine 5 rendering engine. As a result, the visual effects are as good as they are annoying, which is a very good thing for this type of game. The studio used modern tools and technologies such as the Lumen system, ray tracing, HDR, and volumetric lighting to try to make the games as realistic and vibrant as possible.

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You can explore Layers of fear And dive right into its chilling aftermath when the game hits PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S next June. At the same time, Bloober Team is also working on a rework silent hill 2.

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