Maggi Cart | A new address for Magic players in Jonquière

Maggi Cart |  A new address for Magic players in Jonquière

Saguenay – Four friends, all passionate about board games Magic: GatheringLast March, I decided to open a MagiCarte store on Carré Davis in Jonquière. Their goal is to stimulate local competitiveness and provide valuable space for players. David Villeneuve, François Villeneuve, Thomas Pellerin, and Emile Lamothe are the masterminds behind this initiative.

“We realized that there was nowhere in the region to raise the competitive level of the game further, and as long-time players, we wanted to provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to excel and challenge each other. Please note that new players who want to get started are also welcome,” said David. Villeneuve, co-owner of MagiCarte.

I focused on competing

According to a British newspaper, within 30 years, Magic: Gathering It has become a global phenomenon, now gathering more than 40 million players around the world.

“For now, our goal is to emphasize competition and strive for a higher level of play. We plan to eventually expand our headquarters if profitability allows, but for now, our priority is to provide excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere to our customers,” adds Mr. Villeneuve.

MagiCarte managers had already been running an online store for about eight months and decided to extend their offer by opening a physical store for customers who wanted to come and play, participate in events or buy their equipment. The company is open evenings and weekends, and organizes two to three events a week for up to 16 players.

“Our stock consists mainly of cards we have collected over the years. This allows us to reduce our costs and facilitate redistribution among players. “People can come and sell their old cards or buy stamped or bulk cards,” he adds.

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