The little GP rescued by Quartararo and Bastianini

The little GP rescued by Quartararo and Bastianini

Chaos is a Greek word (χάος) Which indicates confusion and serious turmoil. I will not return to the details of everything about the event into surprises, most often bad, which I indicated in my report yesterday, but I will deal with the symbolic indications of a GP who was a semi-failure, lies, gogolism of those who take at face value the anomaly of Italian Nostradamus etc…
Moto3 . started. We expected a fight to the point between Foggia (Honda) and Garcia (KTM/Gas) for second place overall, title winning by Guevara, Garcia’s teammate. A rather flat fight because we will never remember who will finish second in such and such a tournament this year. But hey, we had something to eat. And there is disappointment, Foggia who had the upper hand during the entire weekend was going poorly. On the other hand, we saw a very unexpected McVeigh go down like crazy on the last lap, winning his penultimate race in Moto3 because he will be getting old in 2023.I love McPhee, he’s Scottish, I’m half Celtic, and he proudly wears his real country flag on the helmet, so the surprise was great, but the tournament, apart from that famous fall, was pretty sad. I started to hum “Sudade” At the time… (the most famous title of Cesaria Evora, the word in Portuguese means Sadness and desire for happiness.…).
In Moto2 even worse, the Japanese Ogura, who is sticking a bunch of points to his opponent Fernandes, is also there playing the title big, dropping to the ground in the last corner! I am happy for the winner Arbolino but there again, on the championship side, there is chaos, finally Fernandes will arrive in Valencia as the leader. I no longer singSaudade » but certain Requiem for … Ginsburg.…and MotoGP comes up with a real stake, the title… Bagnaia does one thing well, only one, A hot start propelled him to second from ninth, well done. Well, we know Ducati is very specialized in startup assistance systems (manual, not electronic) but you had to figure out how to use them. Encourage! Fabio Quartararo has a system like this but he starts from a distance so he’s five years old, not bad either after a dramatic qualifier…
And then… nothing! Martin is progressing at an unquestionable pace On the fact that he would put himself in the heap, would he have respected the instructions of the team, moreover, we will not know, he did not have time to face the dilemma, precisely wanting to take enough progress so as not to be called the system. bubble. Strong, Martin, but he can’t handle a GP... this was already the case when he rode in Moto3, he managed to grab the title in 2018 but not by victory, 11 pips so he’s fast, only three wins, and he doesn’t know how to run it... It’s funny by the way, with results in 2018, I found out again that he’s riding (finally against) Bezzecchi and Bastianini…so Bagnaia is in the lead…a way ahead of Bastianini who I think will have a great future. which sticks to his limbs and ends up overtaking it, giving color to the GP, a sort of “Commedia dell’Arte” among Ducati officials ! They are just ridiculous and panicked, Gigi finds the solution to calm them down and reassure them, to pass the call to request a signature through Gresini… It’s clear that Bastia can’t stay ahead, his team has a great need for help from Ducati. … in 2023. And Bastia himself can’t make it to the factory team in 2023 like the man who threw Numero Uno the year before... Therefore, he gives a demo and has fun, with the intention of course to reclaim his place for the declared champion of the team … It is true that by winning the Grand Prix, he helped Quartararo to lose fewer points. But by being third overall, he’s also made a huge splash of bucks on his manager, a man thought to be Nostradamus and who is followed by the Italian press like a teacher, by others as well, in other countries. Dollars also matter to his team. The brag in question has been cruising around speedy motorcycle for ages, delightfully transitioning from journalist status (obviously an expert) to that of driver-manager via the crystal ball box…we have this too in France but not in motos. I’m thinking about football at random… with responsibilities (and income) crossed completely not allowed… In fact, what this manager wants is for Ducati to guarantee him the planned rewards for this third place even if Bastia doesn’t do the third place! From there comes an opponent who is only guided by years of being on the GP in all motorcycle disciplines, including racing on snowboard. We can easily imagine that he suggested to Bastia, who is in charge, to scare the Ducati a bit during the Grand Prix…knowing that winning was impossible…and yes all of a sudden we understand that Bastianini didn’t drop Pajnaya. The thickness of the edge overtaken, of course with a panic among the reds … and a forbidden victory sign …
I’ve written them hundreds of times, the team instructions don’t shock me but when repeated they terribly diminish the aura of a winning driver and title holder... I said and I insist he is a small GP in a small season. It’s a shame because MotoGP needs heroes, not calculators. In this action we have real tech heroes, a squad of brilliant lunatics around Dall’Igna, but on the demo side, Ducati must summon a private pilot to be in 2023 a factory team that can hold out! Thanks to him.
Another pilot who will save the GP, Quartararo who with Martin’s fall, finds himself three. When Bagnaia regained the lead in front of Bastia (by an order I recall) he was so slow that Fabio took time from them but he was way too far. Another reason why Fabio reacts, He has Bezzecchi, this budding genius, who’s stepping on him and he’s about to outsmart we finally see Quartararo decide he’s taking his fate into his own hands. For saving this race, thanks to Bastia, thanks to Quartararo and thanks to Bezzecchi, a rookie on a used special wheel and able to go off and attack the world champion, yes there we also have a great opportunity to dream that the future, finally some potential champions.
I am happy for my friends who have been dreaming of the world for fifteen years, but it will not be an anthology title. Ago, Read, Hailwood, Doohan, Rossi, Lorenzo, Marquez help! I’ve already said it but like many of you, it’s the same thing in music or cinema, we want to be amazed, and dazzled, by the heroes. And the…

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