Témiscamingue: 6 years of waiting for social housing

Témiscamingue: 6 years of waiting for social housing

Temiscamingue: 6 years of waiting for social housing – TVA Abitibi-Temiscamingue

Alexander Cabana | July 9, 2024

Six years waiting for social housing in Témiscamingue.

Although this statistic issued by the Housing Office of the Central Sector of Timskamen is surprising, it does not indicate the existence of a real housing crisis in the region.

There are housing issues, but as is the case everywhere in the province, according to Governor Claire Bolduc.

The new non-profit organization “Affordable Social Housing Témiscamingue” is part of the desire for kindness.

An initiative that exists in several cities in Quebec, but has slowly reached Témiscamingue, notes Daniel Richer, project manager at the Témiscamingue Community Development Corporation.

Stakeholders in this area commend the willingness to take concrete action by organizations.

It now remains for the nonprofit to provide itself with the means to achieve its ambitions.

The NPO “Affordable Social Housing in Témiscamingue” will launch its founding evening on October 1, from 5 to 7, in Ville-Marie, and until then, they have decided to launch a competition so that the public can find the name of this future non-profit organization which we hope will help many find affordable housing in Témiscamingue.

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