Fourth Edition of the Ariana Photography Contest “When Art Meets Science”: May the best win!

Pictures illustrating the city of Ariana, a theme that combines art and science, winners and a group exhibition during the new edition of the Ariana Photography Contest …

The fourth edition of the Ariana Photography Contest, which was developed this year under the theme “When Art Meets Science, When Art Meets Science” last year, was launched in November 2022 and submissions continued until January 20.

This competition, which is organized by the municipality of Ariana, the Ministry of Higher Education and the delegation of the European Union, was created since 2019 by Nihil Ben Ammar, university professor and deputy mayor of the city of Ariana since 2018.

“The award ceremony will take place on February 18 during an exhibition in the Mosaic Hall located in Al Nasr,” notes the creator of the event. The idea behind the creation of this competition, which has become an annual event for all amateurs and professionals in the field of photography, is to better introduce the city of Ariana, its history, and thus reveal the richness of its antiquities, characteristics and characteristics. And notice her festive side. It should be noted that The municipality of Ariana has been established since 1908 and must establish itself as a city rich in history and make it particularly recognizable to the younger generations,” she adds.

To go back a bit to the history of the creation of this competition, the teacher specified that the event, which started in 2019, had a wide range of sessions that followed one another afterwards as well as a large number of entries just for submission.

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The main objective of this event is to make Ariana known to young people in particular, but also to other cities, by organizing group and committed exhibitions (photos of the participants) in other cities.

This new session revolves around the following topic “When Art Meets Science” in order to bring the two topics together, because the arts completely intersect with the field of science, and at the same time celebrate the world of science. It should be noted that the competition was open to all professional and amateur photographers, middle and high school students, students and adults who had to compete with only three photos and send them directly via the following address “[email protected] »

While the winners are selected by a jury specialized in the field, in particular MM. Kamal Al-Aqrabi, Tariq Al-Khatib and Orkhan Turki, who will evaluate the works presented while respecting the idea and the techniques used, the winners will receive prizes ranging from 800 to 1500 dinars.

It should also be noted that the competition consists of three categories in which candidates can participate, namely Youth with a Smartphone (schoolchildren and university students), Youth with a Camera (middle and high school students) and Adult with a Camera. .

What is new this year is the organization of this competition in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and the delegation of the European Union, in order to promote the event on a global scale and allow participants to apply from abroad via the Internet. This year we received about forty photos from the three categories that will be judged in order to choose the winners, This will be during the ceremony that will be held on Saturday, February 18th, from 4:00 pm, and will conclude with Nihil Bin Ammar.

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