On the front page on Wednesday, October 5th…

On the front page on Wednesday, October 5th…

Percy has to meet with the energy suppliers, Paris Saint-Germain moves to Lisbon, “November” is released in cinemas … all the news of the day.

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The movie “November” will be released in theaters on Wednesday. It tracks the hunt for the November 13 terrorists.

Nobel prize. After medicine on Monday and physics on Tuesday, it’s chemistry’s turn to award the Nobel Prize. This will be followed by the highly anticipated prizes for literature on Thursday and Peace on Friday. This series will end with Economics on October 10, the latest ever and the only one not made by the famous Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel (1833-1896).

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Percy. The government plans to call on energy suppliers for demand on Wednesday, accused of not “playing the game enough” by inflating prices offered to small and medium-sized firms, after an initial agreement in Brussels to cut bills in the face of rising inflation. Bruno Le Maire directly cited TotalEnergies, Engie and EDF. Purpose of the call: to ensure “reasonable prices”, in particular for small and medium-sized businesses, thanks to additional commitments from suppliers. “Energy suppliers must commit themselves, along with the state, to help all customers, businesses and local authorities, to get through this unprecedented crisis,” this was outlined to the Cabinet by the Minister of Energy Transition.

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Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain travels to Lisbon, crowning his status as group leader, tying with … Benfica, their evening opponent. A meeting that will not be easy for the Parisians, the Portuguese is an excellent start to the season. “We are confident, at home, in a big stadium, we have our chances,” warned Benfica Lisbon coach Roger Schmidt.

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justice. The Court of Cassation must decide, on Wednesday, whether it confirms the statute of limitations in the Motuilis de Brittany case, a thorn in Richard Ferran’s side since 2017, that would lead to the fall of the lawsuit against him. In this judicial investigation opened after a complaint from Anticor in 2017, the former tenant of the mosque in the association is suspected of making a controversial real estate transaction: the rent from 2011 in Brest by Mutuelles de Bretagne for the premises purchased by his companion, for an annual rent of €42,000 .

movie theater. Cedric Jimenez’s new movie, November, hit theaters. The feature film traces the hunt for terrorists on November 13th. In acting, in particular, Jean Dujardin, Sandrine Kiberlin, Jeremy Renner or even Anais Demoustier.

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