The legendary Red Dead Redemption has finally arrived on Switch and PlayStation

The legendary Red Dead Redemption has finally arrived on Switch and PlayStation

John Marston will be sounding Spurs and Revolver Shots on August 17th. A half-hearted return to the solitary cowboy.

In 2010, Rockstar Games left its usual place GTA, presented the most beautiful Western incarnation in the world of video games. Based on a screenplay fueled by many borrowings from Hollywood, red dead Salvation It’s also left a mark with its production, cult characters, innovative gameplay system, and an open world as savage as it is organic.

Cowboys could never withhold the gangsters’ massive sales GTA V gamebut diptych formed with is reading dead Redemption II But the spirit of the players was marked by hot iron. For a few months, rumors about a remake or port had swirled the networks.

“pale rider”

After the massive hack that Rockstar was the victim of about his future GTA VII, insofar as it can be said that the publisher has made its culture of secrecy, necessary for years already, a priority. Also, it didn’t take long to formalize what we thought we already knew, with the return of John Marston and his scarred face, August 17th on Switch and PlayStation 4.

Yes, you read correctly, PlayStation 4, not 5. Since it is not a remake, but a port, it will not bring any technical improvement to the original game. A disappointment for initial adventure veterans who would have loved to rediscover their favorite title in a transcendent version.

Required: PS5 and Xbox Series versions

Available for the first time in a non-physical version, Red Dead Redemption It will also be released in physical form on October 13th. In spite of everything, Rockstar will offer the delicious experience of spin-offs as a bonus alive dead nightmare, plunges his western into a zombie apocalypse. For PlayStation 5 and Xbox players, there are two solutions.

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The former will be able to take advantage of their console’s backwards compatibility for the PS4 version. And for Xbox gamers, the Xbox 360 version will work seamlessly on their Xbox series. The port’s minor disappointment aside, the return of this legendary video game character remains fun, and soon playable in a “nomadic” fashion on Switch. What could be more natural for a solitary cowboy?

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