Roof of the world 40 years of solidarity

Roof of the world 40 years of solidarity

The multicultural social center was created in April 1982. Forty years later, Le Toit du Monde remains true to its values: openness to others in all its forms. The next few weeks promise to be festive.

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Antare Mlatame is 44, a social mediator in charge of learning French at Toit du Monde. But when El Kemari arrived in Poitiers in January 2016 to visit his mother, he was far from thinking that his integration journey would lead him to work at the association that welcomed him as a benefactor, and then as a volunteer in sociolinguistic workshops. “I had to improve my French to talk to others. I had a lot of confidence here, they listened to me.” The story is beautiful because a trained computer technician, today on the other side of the mirror, strives to facilitate the fusion of his contemporaries. “Language is the key to everything!”

At the time of the extinguishing of the fortieth candles on April 8, the multicultural social center on the rue de Trois-Rois can be proud of the work done, especially around Georges Charbonnier. From reaching out to Portuguese, Algerian and Moroccan immigrants (4,000 initially) to supporting beneficiaries from other continents, the association retains its backbone: hospitality, intercultural encounters, combating discrimination and prejudice, as well as access to rights, which is key in 2022. Photo gallery on the ground floor It traces the main stages of the “physical” construction of the roof of the world, with many volunteers at the site of the destroyed building. which will later be opened by François Mitterrand personally.

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A movie broadcast in the palace

It’s a beautiful summary of what the structure looks like, built block by stone over the years. In addition to twenty employees, hundreds of volunteers and a social restaurant (up to 120 meals a day), Le Toit du Monde shines in all directions in the city. We were drivingIsabel Lucas summarizes, But many associations have been created since then, such as Welcome, 100 pour 1, Min’de rien…” The social and cultural facilitator speaks from her experience since her arrival in 2005. Her colleague Christine Dejja Kolbak herself has collected anecdotes through numerous encounters. “Hearing a woman say she feels like she’s in her family here, it’s nice”Smile to the staff.

It is therefore inevitable that the 2022 edition of Le Monde en fête in May (May 21 and 22 at the Chasseigne Mill), two years after the pandemic that limited communications, will have a special flavour. “We have been celebrating this anniversary since February!”Facilitators resumed. In the prolific program of festivities, there are two events that catch the eye. On May 13 and 14, the House of Human and Society Sciences on campus will host two study days on Positive Migration. From the 17th to the 20th, Le Toit du Monde will present live Le Palais, in the center of Poitiers, with, on Tuesday the 17th, at 6:15 pm, a screening of a film about the last 20 years of focused multicultural social contact. Director Julian Stoll gives the floor to beneficiaries, volunteers and staff…

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