“Baldur's Gate III” crushes its competitors

“Baldur's Gate III” crushes its competitors

role play Baldur's Gate IIIinspired by the world of Dungeons & Dragons, crushed its competitors by winning several awards on Thursday, April 11 in London, during the annual BAFTA ceremony.

The game takes place in a fantasy kingdom inhabited by wizards, elves, barbarians and other characters, and the game designed by Belgian studio Larian Studios won the Game of the Year award. He also received the EE Players'Choice Award, which was voted on by the public, in addition to the BAFTA Award for Music, Narration, and Performers, bringing the number of awards he received to five during the awards ceremony, which was held in the center of the British capital.

Baldur's Gate IIIpart of a saga of popular games dating back to the late 90s, has already won first prize at the Game Awards held in Los Angeles (California) in December 2023.

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The game, developed by Larian Studios, has enjoyed impressive commercial success since its release in August 2023, selling more than ten million copies on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, according to the studio.

“Zelda,” “Super Mario Bros.,” and “Alan Wake” also won an award

Other BAFTA Games winners, now in their twentieth year, include: The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears, which received the Artistic Achievement Award. The latest adaptation of the adventures of the dwarf warrior Link, it has been a huge success since its release last year on Switch, the console of the Japanese video game giant Nintendo.

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More than ten million copies were sold in three days Kingdom tears It has become the fastest-selling Nintendo game of all time: more than twenty million copies in 2023, according to the Japanese group.

Excellence Zelda It includes more than a dozen titles, including many that rank among the best video games of all time – with over 150 million copies sold. This last part is a continuation Breath of the wild (2017), which at the time was hailed as one of the best titles on Switch.

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In parallel, Super Mario Bros. He wondersanother Switch game in the Nintendo series, won both the Family Bafta and Multiplayer awards.

PS5 game Alan Wake 2 He won two BAFTA Awards, while actor Nedje Jeter was honored for his portrayal of the lead role of Miles Morales in Marvel Spider-Man 2.

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