The European far right displays its ambitions in Lisbon

The European far right displays its ambitions in Lisbon

The European far right hopes to ride on the victory of Geert Wilders’ party during the Dutch legislative elections.


Marine Le Pen called on Friday “Return Europe to Europe”From Lisbon, where she spoke surrounded by leaders of the Portuguese and German parties allied with the National Rally, Chiga and the AfD.

“We want to help bring Europe back to Europe.”we put “Those who were the gravediggers of Europe are the minority.”The head of the RN group in the National Assembly, present in Lisbon on the occasion of the European Identity and Democracy Party conference, added.

Two days after the victory in the Dutch legislative elections by Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (another National Front ally) and carried by a seductive poll campaign aimed at renewing the Strasbourg parliament in June, the European far right is beginning to show hope. Obtaining, if not a majority, a “Banned minority” In the future formation of the European Parliament.

“It is time to give a chance to movements that bear no responsibility for the current situation and are impatiently waiting to prove themselves.”Marine Le Pen insisted on the electoral success of the Party for Liberty “It’s not a whim of the Dutch.”but “A thoughtful vote recognizes the failure of those who have ruled us in our countries for thirty years.”

The far-right party Chiga (“Enough”, in Portuguese), led by André Ventura, received about 15% of voting intentions in Portugal’s snap legislative elections in March.

Even if an opinion study has not yet been conducted in Portugal regarding the European elections, “We look forward to the arrival of MEPs from Chiga to support the strength we represent in the European Parliament.”She said she appreciated it“In Portugal, as was the case in other European countries, the left has reached the end of the cycle.”

“Population confidence towards our movements is increasing”She confirmed. “There is no coincidence. European peoples live the same realities with each other.”Of which “Fears are largely manufactured by our leaders and the European Union,” he added. “The people must change the leaders and we must change the European Union”She urged.

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Andre Ventura also said “Hope to get rid of socialism”during this press conference. “I am surrounded by leaders of political parties who have achieved exceptional growth in their countries: these are signs that this change may be coming soon, as this change happened in the Netherlands.”

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