The Disappearance of Paula Rigo, the Portuguese Painter ‘Always Doing What She Wanted to Do’

The Disappearance of Paula Rigo, the Portuguese Painter ‘Always Doing What She Wanted to Do’

It’s hard to escape the action by browsing the press this morning in Portugal. His name and face, even one of his paintings, occupy the front pages of most newspapers. Paola Rigo, painter and visual artist born in Lisbon in 1935 and has since been recognized worldwide, died at her home, Wednesday, June 8, at the age of 87, in London, where she had settled in the 1960s.

one of Publico It stands out a little more than the others, showing a black and white photo of the then-32-year-old artist, photographed by Manuela Moraes in 1967. “Paula Rego, the painter who always did what she wanted to do,” tops the dailies, praising the many pages of this figure of Portuguese art that His country will soon celebrate a day of national mourning. President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa expressed his regret ‘national loss’, Around “The Most International Artists” Portuguese, stressed the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adao e Silva.

‘A war machine against patriarchy’

It’s her freedom, her disobedience, and of course the importance of her symbolic, feminist and folk-inspired work. that Publico Highlight this morning :

She decided to be an artist in a country under a dictatorship, to prioritize painting and not motherhood, to create a new attitude and body for women. She was what she wanted to be, right up to the end – a painter first and foremost.”

“Paula Rego painted to say”, Notes Catarina Alfarocurator of the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego Museum, which opened in 2009 in Cascais, near Lisbon. “This fundamental connection between art and life has always been the best expression of its meaning.”

from his side, Art historian Pedro Lapa confirms the amount of Paola Regothe only notable woman in the London School, changed the way women are represented by expressing their inner struggles and emotions through a new anatomy and posing:

“Despite the great differences between periods, the great work of Paula Rego is a war machine against the hegemonic and patriarchal systems of vision that have shaped the history of painting.”

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