Louise Porat (Top Chef) as a couple: Mark poses in the photo, a charming brunette who works as a DJ

Season 13 of top chef This ends Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The two candidates are still in competition, Louise and Arnaud, compete for the last time to win the title of winner with the most terrifying test in the competition. Eighteen weeks later, the Portuguese nominee and the Belgian nominee had the task of preparing a dinner for one hundred people and the four members of the jury, Helen Darroes, Philippe Echebest, Paul Perret, and Glenn Vail.

Louise Porat in particular will know how to stand out over the course of the season, as she is one of three women in the cast that has developed within the Helen Darrows brigade. The 27-year-old had enough to make someone very special in her eyes proud of her soulmate. Louise is actually in a relationship with Mark Olin. On her Instagram account, she celebrated her birthday last May by posting a picture of her loving partner and partner. For many more years togetherI wrote in the caption. Understand:many years togetherSo Louise Porat has her eyes set on the future when it comes to her relationship with Mark.

This celebrity made her happy Mark Olin develops away from the kitchen world and forms a career as a DJ. He is also the director of the Ninho company dedicated to entrepreneurs.

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