The Chandra X-ray Observatory is disabled

after Hubble late last yearIt is now an observatory X ray Chandra has some concerns. In fact, on Wednesday February 9, 2022, routine monitoring data from telescope space NASA I reported a problem with the power supply on the high-speed camera. Precision (HRC). Mission Specialists Chandra The scientific operations were suspended and the four scientific instruments were put forward ( spectrometer ACIS Advanced Photographer, HRC HD Camera, High Resolution Spectrophotometer energy HETGS and LETGS Low Energy Spectrometer) is in safe mode while analyzing the situation and determining the appropriate response. The space telescope itself is operating normally and scientific observations using the Advance Cargo Information System are expected to resume early next week.

Launched in 1999Chandra is the third Big Four observatories of the US space agency many pictures and data that helps scientists understand the structure, evolution, and strange items we’ve got being. NASA says it will provide more information as it becomes available. HRC previously had trouble in 2020, which halted operations from August to December, and Chandra had previously suffered from Gyroscope problem in 2018.

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