Frontier Developments reveals more information about F1 Manager 2022

Frontier Developments reveals more information about F1 Manager 2022

As the Canadian Grand Prix kicks off this weekend, the Frontier Developments teams wanted to make a number of points about their upcoming game: F1 Director 2022. Therefore, they have shared on their Discord a lot of information that provided some clarification on the players’ questions.


Unlimited career mode, but with some limitations

The studio wished first and foremost that he would remember that F1 Manager 2022 It was a purely single player game, without a multiplayer component. As a reminder, we already knew that it would be impossible to create your own team, since the selection is limited to the 10 teams that are in the official tournament. From a technical point of view, it will not be possible to play with a keyboard / mouse combination on a PC, the developers have done everything to make the game suitable for the console. As confirmed earlier, it will be possible to speed up the playing time up to 16 times the normal speed, or try it in real time. An important option during the season will be choosing which engine to use if your team doesn’t develop one, as well as votes on changing the regulations.

Regarding the heart of the game, several explanations were given. Red flags will of course be part of the game, being a large part of the impact an accident can have on racing strategy. The number of seasons on the same save will be completely unlimited. However, it will not be possible to change the difference in the case of dismissal. It will then be necessary to either:

  • Return to last save point
  • Count back five hits
  • Restart the current season
  • Create a new backup
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According to the community manager, it wouldn’t be impossible to switch teams manually. If the game specifications refer to the use of licenses formula 2 and formula 3, It will not be possible to follow these championships, only the evolution of the pilots. The reserve participants in the main teams will also be part of the list from which you can choose your stable competitors. As the seasons progressed, new pilots and staff would be created, including women in each of the roles.

F1 Manager 22 It will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series, Playstation, and PC. It is available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store for €49.49.. The trailer for this game can be seen below:

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