The situation is “extremely worrying”, admits the Minister of Health – Tahrir

The situation is “extremely worrying”, admits the Minister of Health – Tahrir
The bronchiolitis epidemic has continued to advance in recent days in France despite the shift associated with school holidays, with visits to the emergency room and hospitalization at unprecedented levels.

Fight harmful acronyms without alleviating the anxiety of thousands of parents. This is what the Minister of Health, Francois Browne, succeeded in speaking on Saturday in an interview with the Parisian.

While aware that the situation caused by the explosion of bronchiolitis cases in France over the past few weeks is “Very worrying”, The former emergency doctor refuted any triage of young patients in the hospital imply it Some health unionists this week.

very common and contagious, Bronchiolitis causes coughing, difficulty breathing, and rapid breathing in children. If it is painful for young parents, then most often it is benign. In some cases, a visit to the emergency room, or even hospitalization, may be required.

On Wednesday, the government launched the Orsan plan (organizing the health system’s response in exceptional health cases) to address this accelerating epidemic. A total of 6,891 children under the age of two went to the emergency room for bronchiolitis in urban France in the week from October 31 to November 6, a weekly increase of 7%, although much less than the increase in the previous week (+47%) . Some 2,337 children were eventually hospitalized.

“The situation is very worrying, Francois Brown admits on Saturday. I in no way deny the difficulties generated by this episode, exceptional in its scale, of bronchiolitis.” but he insists, “I won’t let it be said that we decide who we let live or die. Let’s be very clear, we don’t triage children in hospital and our caregivers are brilliant in their commitment.

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Julie Stark, a pediatric resuscitator at Trosso Hospital and a spokeswoman for the Pediatric Society, announced on RTL Thursday that her service was “They were forced to sort our children.” I cannot accept such statements that distort reality. I do not prevent myself from conducting an investigation. And if such deviant practices are proven, then conclusions will be drawn.warns the minister.

The bronchiolitis epidemic has continued to progress in recent days in France despite the decline associated with school holidays Emergency room visits and hospitalization at unprecedented levels. The French Public Health Authority indicated that Wednesday Too many emergency room visits and hospitalizations due to bronchiolitis and at levels higher than those observed in epidemic peak periods of more than ten years..

The epidemic is generally more pronounced in regions of the northern half of France, as outlined by the public health agency in its weekly report. Bronchiolitis hospitalizations account for 50% of hospitalizations After visiting the emergency room for children under the age of two. By comparison, this percentage was around 40% during peak periods in previous seasons.Public Health France notes.

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