Solar Eclipse in Music: The Return of the '80s to the Charts

Solar Eclipse in Music: The Return of the '80s to the Charts

More than 40 years after its release, the song has achieved great success Total eclipse of the heart It appears again at the top of the charts on Spotify on the occasion of the total solar eclipse scheduled for Monday afternoon.

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So, while people are busy creating the perfect “playlist,” Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit is up nearly 50% in the past week, a number that's expected to rise even higher on Monday, according to the music listening platform.

Total eclipse of the heart It is also the most added song to “Eclipse” charts created by Americans on Spotify, according to CNN Business.

The situation is similar on iTunes, where the song rose to the tenth place among the most purchased songs on Monday, up 30 places in recent days.

This isn't the first time a song has seen a significant increase in sales and downloads during the eclipse. This was especially the case in 2017 during the last solar eclipse in the United States, when the tube saw a 500% increase in sales at that time.

In 2021, Bonnie Tyler commented on the sudden popularity of her song on social media. “Notifications are exploding. *Checks news* Uh-huh. There’s an eclipse,” she tweeted.

Looking for a playlist for the occasion? Don't worry: CSA has taken care of it for you. A “playlist” is available on Spotify to allow you to have background music during this rare event, The Guardian reports 24 hours Last month.

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Producer Stephane Laporte also shared his Monday morning playlist on Facebook and it's no surprise Total eclipse of the heart On top of these are the musical choices.

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