Could Vitineha do a better job of the motion it grinds? We analyze our choice

mathematical problem. If the Sunday player can stay up all night after missing the inevitable, how many hours of sleep will Vytinya get in the coming days? You have three hours.

context: Paris Saint-Germain Lying in check on the Bayern meadow, he needs a goal to get back to the Bavarians’ heyday in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League (1-0 in the first leg). And at the end of the first half, the Parisian midfielder recovered a ball at the entrance to the area and took advantage of a bad exit from Sommer to hit the empty goal. Finally, the beating is said quickly. A very cute little swipe – it’s no different Mbappe In the 2020 Final – he was eventually pushed back into the line by the Bayern Munich defence.

a result : Paris does not open the scoring and will end up losing 2-0, bye C1.

Question: Could Vitineha be any better?

As a preamble, and before subjecting the Portuguese to popular condemnation, let us remember that part of the merit goes to him in action. He follows the pressure unleashed by Hakimi in the Bavarian area and expects Sommer’s pipe-breaking pass, which allows him to recover the ball. Diluted, he is on his feet.

Vitinha was keen on this part of the work – Screenshot – Canal +

Then things get worse. By changing the perspective, we realize that Vitina’s head is in the handlebar and that his last view in the direction of the Bavarian goal goes back to before the ball was intercepted. Without an update, he doesn’t know where he is, fears that the defenders will have time to come back, and fires a rutted shot without momentum from the left foot. The speed of the shot is as pathetic as a second shot at 105 kilometers from Richard Gasquet, the result of a body position twisted like a fetus and therefore not at all ready for arming.

the solution : A tiny little extra touch, to set it up, even if it means risking seeing Goretzka come back and stamp it. By being clever, he could at worst scratch a penalty kick.

Vitinha in detached doll mode – screenshot – Channel +

The other question is whether a pass to Kylian Mbappé is possible. The French striker is not offside (at least covered by De Ligt), but his body is facing Vitinha, he throws the ball full, and he has the empty side of the goal at the back, which would have involved a pivotal shot that isn’t necessarily perfect. Had the Kyks erred, the Portuguese would have been accused of not taking the chance. Plus, Upamecano is watching the grain and coming back strong. The solution was to shoot.

Mbappe wasn’t the answer – screenshot – Canal+

Conclusion : Vitinha could have done better if he hadn’t lost his way and had a good left foot. A workshop on “Fairground Potatoes” at the next training session won’t hurt him. For the rest, we start to wonder if he has enough personality to play at this level.

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