The Anglet International Surfing Film Festival starts tomorrow!

The Anglet International Surfing Film Festival starts tomorrow!

While we knew the anglet international surf film festival is back for its 19th edition, from From 7 to 10 July In Chambre d’Amour, it remains to be discovered what program awaits fans of surfing and surf culture. The press conference of the event took place on June 27 in Anglet, where it was revealed which films will be shown during the half-day screenings, but also who will be the jury responsible for awarding the various awards!

Jury 2023

they will be Eight members This jury, chosen by Bruno Delay, owner of the Festival, for its legitimacy in the world of surfing and/or film, whether historical or related to practice, culture or the world of surfing.

This jury is chaired by Matthew LevinPresident of Rip Curl Europe (longtime festival partner brand), has two female characters: Leah Bracya French surfer known for her many freestyle excursions and Marion Desquina documentary filmmaker and photographer, has recently focused on the world of skiing and the topic of women’s skiing.

With whom to exchange during these four days, we find surfing enthusiasts love it Herve La Castenerat, Hervé Manifica And Roman Lullytwo journalists, Oran Laminaire And Nicola Morin.

the program

This jury will have the difficult task of selecting between no fewer than 15 documentaries and 9 short films in competition. The program also includes 4 films out of competition, which are scheduled to be shown on Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday, Bruno Delay said to himself, ” Very proud » In particular from this selection of short films, which were screened serially on Sunday 9 July. ” The 2023 edition is one of the best short film selections of all time in 19 years, with sharp, arty films and real nuggets! »

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in between Feature filmsThe festival will officially open in the corners of the earth – Kamchatka, Friday, July 7 at 10 pm.

Follow filmmakers Spencer Frost and Jay Willement and surfers Letty Mortenson and Fraser Deauville as they travel to Kamchatka in far eastern Russia in search of fresh waves along the uncharted frozen coast. Located in Russia’s far east, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and home to more than 150 volcanoes (29 of them active), the Kamchatka Peninsula is as isolated as it is unique.

And on Saturday, July 8, at the end of the day, SAVAGE Waters, directed by Mickey Corker, will be shown outdoors, also at 10 p.m.

Matt Knight, an experienced British sea captain, sets out to find the giant wave described in the treasure hunt. With his wife, their four children and a seasoned surfer, he embarks on a journey to the Selvagenes Islands, a small Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, where the waters are especially dangerous.

side female surfingThere are various short films in the program, starting from competition with New colorsa film produced by Surfeuses Magazine and ROXY, follows 4 young athletes in the cold waters of Norway.

Faced with the frigid waters of a Norwegian winter, these young surfers step out of their comfort zone, push their limits and redefine their surfing style. Away from the competition, they are reconnecting with the joy of sharing their passion, through a unique cold water experience.

on a long board, Obsession Directed by Romain and Laura Decomble, it follows in the footsteps of Laure Meyer and some of her avid surfing friends along on a road trip between France, Spain and Portugal. Journey also inspired a few lines in the latest issue of Surfeuses!

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Finally, the festival will also be an opportunity for exploration Wherever I gothe first film about Maud Le Carre, produced by Demine Studio.

The mermaid, the symbol of MOD’s Save the Mermaid Society, is a fictional character who has won the hearts of many people around the world. It is a symbol of beauty, grace and freedom. However, the oceans and seas they inhabit are in danger. This movie mixes art with surfing, and tells the story of a mermaid who seeks to protect and save her home. »

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