soccer. Erstein intends to continue his journey in the Coupe de France

soccer.  Erstein intends to continue his journey in the Coupe de France

French Cup

As Erstein

The R2 seniors will travel to Portugal’s Selestat. A return to basics for coach James Akrum and a match that should not be underestimated to continue the adventure.

Seniors II will host FC Rossfeld II in the Reserve Cup, while all three will go to Kintzheim II in the Reserve Challenge.

Youth: Saturday 10am U7 hills in Erstein; U9 in my name; U9 in Kurtzfeld; U9F in Celestat. 1pm: FAIG-U13 (1). 1:30pm: Ostwald-U11(4), U11(3)-Esme, U13(4)-Matz/Russf. 2pm: Bergheim – U11 (2), U15 (3) – Lingolsheim. 2:30 pm: Berrwiller-U17 R2. 3 pm: Port. Celestat-U13(3). 4pm: Sarreguemines-U15 R2; Saariburg-U16 R1, Vendenheim-U15F. 4:15pm: U14 R2-FCM; U16 R2-Bornhaupt. 5:30 p.m.: U18F-FCOSK VI. 6:15 p.m.: U15 R1-Kometrib. Sunday 10am: U19 R2-Seltz.

The Veterans will host Zellweiler on Monday at 8:30 p.m. in the tournament.

Alsace Cup

FC Renault

Facing a new opponent from D3 Lingolsheim, we will have to enforce the hierarchy and qualify. The receivers will play on the synthetic. It is up to the Rhinelanders to show their level of play and wear down the opposition so they can score and have fun. This trip will also make it possible to prepare for the next championship match in Ingersheim on the same playing surface.

Motuel Credit Cup

FC Rossfield

After being eliminated in the French Cup by Erstein, and defeated in the Grand Est Cup by Eschau (in tab), this time the Blues will find Zellweiler. They, the favorites on paper, will have to be wary of an opponent who is still having great success against Celestat II (9-1) and will want to achieve this feat. But the Kseniak-Savio gang, which also won Celestat 1, wants to justify its favored status. The coaches must also renew the victorious group as of the end of the week, even if doubt remains about the participation of Abydos. They will ask their players to be wary of the opponent who dreams of shooting them down. It is up to them to exert the necessary force from the beginning, to bring their most notable actions to fruition so as to leave no room for doubt.

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The two move to Erstein II. Will want to relaunch after the sinking of the Portuguese ship Celestat. But facing an opponent operating at a higher level, the task is expected to be delicate. The coaches will be Bognitscheff and A. Holtz has taken advantage of the training to give the players confidence because even if the Succriers struggle in the Championship, it will be necessary to show character to achieve the feat.

Youth: Saturday: U11 EMR – Oppenheim; Celestat – U11; Molsheim – U13 (1); U13 (2) – Witesheim; Erstein – U13EMR; U15 EMR – Eschau; Promath – Under 15 (2). Under 18 (2) – Kurtzfeld; Bischofsheim – U18 EMR.

As Sirmersheim

Cup Day for the Eleven Banner. For this occasion, locals welcome Bendernheim (D1). Crestman’s visitors have just suffered the wrath of Renault, but they will want to pull it off. The locals remain in good form on Sunday and will be keen to convert the try. You will have to demonstrate this desire to impose yourself to qualify. On the team side, Le Roux should return to the fold, Fullenberger will be keen to impress against his former teammates and, above all, Gutelmann will be hoping to find the back of the net again. But be careful, visitors won’t be inclined to let this happen.

There is no official match for two and three teams, so it is a combination that will make for quick training in Reno. Rhinelands will be the biggest opponent (Sunday 10am).

This Monday (8 p.m.), the Veterans welcome Kintzheim to the tournament.

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Youth: Saturday 10am on the U7 plateau in Ibrashim. 3 pm: U13 – Markolsheim.

Matzenheim Club

Separator pieces for seniors I and II. The team welcomes its counterpart from Gerstheim, a competitor who has just relaunched Division 1 and will certainly travel with the desire to continue its learning. At the local level, Bentz-Bomer’s coaches have to rotate the team to let some catch their breath. Heinsler and Jenner will be missing, unlike Jaggi, who is expected to return after several months of recovery. The cup match is not decided yet and it will be a matter of taking the match seriously.

The 2nd team welcomes Kurtzfeld 2nd (Sunday at 10am) in the Reserve Challenge. Locals leave with high expectations but should be wary of any overconfidence.

Meanwhile, Team Three will host Stutzheim III in a tie-up. Past confrontations have always been contentious and this one should not be an exception to the rule.

Youth: Saturday 4pm Bischoffsheim-U18 and Brummath-U15.

the program

Sun at 3 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

French Cup

Portuguese Celestat – Erstein.

Alsace Cup

Lingolsheim – Reno; Hepsheim – Hindsheim.

Motuel Credit Cup

Rossfeld – Zellweiler; Sirmersheim – Bindernheim; Matzenheim – Gerstheim; Hessenheim – Kurtzfeld; Maisongot – Benfield; Herbsheim-Oppenheim; Artolsheim – Pofzheim; Hotenheim – Heiligenstein.

Cut off reserves

Erstein II – Rosfeld II.

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