Elijah Girard: award-winning emerging scientist

Elijah Girard: award-winning emerging scientist

Science fair. Elijah Girard attracted attention at the regional final of the science fair held at the University of Sherbrooke from March 22-24. This third-year high school student from Orford Montessori School achieved great success with her project, which aims to prove the relationship between loss of the sense of smell and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease.

According to this emerging scientist, it would be good to discover it early, knowing that the loss of the sense of smell in people with these diseases occurs about 10 years before. To do this, Ilya conducted a smell test on three groups of people, including a group with Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease, to see if there was a decline in their perception and identification of smells.

In addition to an entry pass to the regional final to be held in Montreal from April 19-21, Elijah received a $750 scholarship from the Sherbrooke Center for Health Expertise and another $500 from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Montreal. Sherbrooke.

Outstanding projects in Montreal may be selected for display at the Canada-wide Science Fair, which will be held from May 25 to June 1 in Ottawa.

Furthermore, let us note the excellent performance of ten other students from Orford Montessori School last weekend. Here is the list of winners:

  • Unidentified Flying Train 2.0 (Julien Morin and Leo Dube)
  • Pet Therapy at School (Angelina Hough and Nina Taravella)
  • Humans and animals. Forced Evolution (Zoe Hardwig)
  • Radioactivity (Andrian Renville)
  • Memory Memory (Emmanuel Brunet)
  • Polluting Money: A Look at Our Business (Charles Antoine Bujold)
  • Carbon soles (Alexandre Bissonnette Gauvreau)
  • Concentrate vs. Sugar (Évaëlle Bussières)
  • The workings of a dog's brain in terms of communication (Leanne Provencher) Let's delve into the science (Maxim Müller and Molly Sharon).
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