Silly le Guillaume. An unforgettable European day on campus

Silly le Guillaume.  An unforgettable European day on campus

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This special day aims to raise awareness among young people of the importance of European unity while promoting interaction and learning. Marc Terkazis, Director of Cité Scolaire, emphasizes that “a day like this has objectives aimed at both students of Cité Scolaire, but obviously also students of the invited institutions. »

The event began with a warm welcome, creating an atmosphere conducive to intercultural exchanges, and students were grouped into teams, thus encouraging new meetings and friendships.

Workshops on the topic of Europe

The day included a variety of activities designed to explore the topic of Europe from different angles. Enables students to participate in ice-breaking activities, facilitating discussions and communication between participants.

The highlights of the day were the workshops on the theme of Europe, led by students from the Erasmus group. These young ambassadors from Europe provided enrichment activities such as the interactive quiz game Kahoot, a trip into space thanks to a space game, and a deduction game called “Code Name,” based on clues related to Europe.

European meal

One of the highlights of the day was the European meal, where students had the opportunity to taste typical dishes from various European countries, thus discovering the richness of the continent’s gastronomy. This culinary experience enhanced their understanding of Europe’s cultural diversity.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the afternoon, the Erasmus Group students gave an exciting presentation of the latest Erasmus project and their mobility experiences, thus sharing their own experiences as engaged European youth. Valentin, a third-year student who benefited from mobility in Portugal last October, describes his feelings to us: “I really enjoyed this European Day, because we were able to present our project to students from other institutions. We explained what ERASMUS+ is, and showed what we had done in College, our trips to Portugal, Poland, even France, and soon to Germany. I really enjoyed meeting new people our age. We did activities with them like quizzes.

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The day ended in style with complete group work, where the students were able to apply what they had learned throughout the day. The creativity was there, and the results were interesting.

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Create an unforgettable event

La Cité Scolaire Paul Scarron succeeded in creating an unforgettable event that raised students’ awareness of the importance of European unity while promoting cultural exchanges and interactive learning. This Europe Day will remain engraved in the participants’ memories as a day of learning, entertainment and openness to the world. Emma, ​​a high school student in her first year, came away radiant from the experience, explaining that “this experience made us feel useful because of our Erasmus experience and allowed us to exchange with students from other institutions in different aspects of mobility, if and when they decide to do the Erasmus programme.” The advantages that may accrue to them in doing the Erasmus programme. The students seemed very engaged in the activities provided and it was fun. I enjoyed presenting these activities, because our workshop on European institutions allowed us to learn more about the topic and then explain it to other students.

Incredible commitment

This educational initiative, brilliantly implemented by students from the Erasmus group, is an inspiring example of how school cities can help train a new generation of European citizens who understand the diversity and richness of their continent. “The third-year students were impressed by the activities offered,” says Melanie Trochet, library teacher. “The fact that our youth were ‘hosted’ has a lot to do with the topic. What pleased and impressed me most were our students from the Erasmus group who brought the workshops to life. They worked hard, overcoming their pressures to lead “Their activities they invested in themselves. Their commitment is unbelievable.”

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“Allow yourself to open the field of possibility.”

The outcome of this day is very positive as it was a project the students were really invested in and they clearly participated in the day. Mark Terkazis adds: “The success of the day depended primarily on the commitment of our students; they organized the day by preparing the rooms, building the workshop content, leading the workshops and finally sharing their Erasmus experience.” The 35 middle and high school students demonstrated Their ability to participate and strengthened their sense of belonging to the European Union.”

Finally, these European projects allow students and campuses to be open to new horizons and new skills, explains Mark Terkazis. “The aim of this day is clearly to promote the organisation. It shows that despite being located in the region, the school city provides its students with the opportunity to discover Europe. Next academic year will likely provide the opportunity for student volunteers to have an experience abroad. Joining will Such a project allows them to demonstrate their openness and develop their interpersonal skills. But joining such a project sometimes requires time to remove obstacles and allow yourself to open the field of possibility. »

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