5 tips to improve your phone charging

5 tips to improve your phone charging

During a power outage, opportunities to charge your cell phone may be scarce.

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Here are five tips for keeping your device’s battery from dying too quickly, from social media specialist Nellie Brière.

Power saving mode automatically limits mobile device performance in favor of longer battery life.

“It’s one of the best ways to save energy,” says Ms. Brier. If you do not have access to it, there is always a roaming mode, but it is impossible to contact you when it is activated.

Activating dark mode and dimming the brightness during use consumes less power, thus saving battery life.

The expert comments: “It is the backbone of war.”

Notifications, including sounds, generate activity and therefore consume energy.

Therefore it is recommended to disable them in addition to the sounds.

“You can put yourself in total focus,” Nellie Brière points out. Sometimes by going micro with each app it can eat up the battery, so when there is a central button, that’s the best.

Even with the best energy saving practices, phone batteries don’t last forever.

When it’s time to recharge your phone, the social networking specialist recommends having a power strip on hand, to avoid surprises when finding a functional electrical outlet.

“In libraries, public places, or even the metro, someone might actually use a socket,” she explains. The energy sector will allow you to make friends and guarantee access to recharge.

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Power outages sometimes happen without warning, but when severe weather conditions are announced, several measures can be taken to prepare well.

It might be a good idea to write down information on the cell phone that you think you’ll need during an outage.

Getting a solar or manual charging device to avoid having to use electricity to charge your device can also be a solution.

But even with the best setup, the connection to the cellular network may drop during an outage.

So pre-downloading content to your device can be a way to pass the time while waiting for the connection to reconnect.

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