Jose Vieira talks about his arrival in France

Vic if you come. The 21st Biennale “Archaeology and Migrations”. as part of 21 e The biennial Association of Friends of the Province of the Republic, José Vieira, which has been taking place throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region since the fall of 2020, has welcomed director José Vieira.

boss we came He exchanged it with leaders of former Portuguese immigrant associations, such as Cendrioux José Esteves, who were interested in the topic. José Vieira also mentioned other documentaries he had produced for different TV channels, and recounted what he and his family had gone through, like many other people (eg Roma from Romania) who had to leave their country for France.

Coming to such a developed country, they often had to live for many years in slums or other inappropriate places. Chronicle of the birth of a new village It evokes the arrival of these Portuguese families in the 1960s to La Roche Blanche, a village not far from Vic-le-Comte. In search of a place to stay, they dealt with the ruins to bring them back to life and then rebuild the city.

Practice. the film we came The film’s discussion topic will be on Wednesday, October 26, at 8.30 p.m., Hal du Jo de Baume, at Vic le Comte. This film evokes what this Portuguese director experienced at the age of seven, creating a space that does not exist, the space of closeness and exchange between the exiles of yesterday and the exiles of today. The presentation is followed by an exchange of questions and answers with the audience. Admission 5.50 euros.

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