Science finally reveals why the dreaded shellfish can’t be digested

Science finally reveals why the dreaded shellfish can’t be digested

This article is primarily for those in denial, who each year help themselves to half a dozen lovely oysters at their New Year’s Eve meal and inevitably end up with their heads in the bowl at the end of the evening. Breaking news kisa: This clam is hurting you. And if you are in this situation, it is necessary to stop taking it.

Because if you can’t digest these charming mollusks, they could be more serious than mild food poisoning. according to Science and the futureThere are actually fewer to the truth… than a shellfish allergy. This intolerance is more accurately known as “Protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome” – SEIPA for friends.

“A lot of people who get sick the first time think they’ve come across infected shellfish, and so they can eat again”Allergist Madeline Epstein, L.L.C Science and the future. “But every time, they are Illness.” Moreover, consultations on the subject are very scarce: most people who suffer from indigestion from shellfish blame it on the freshness of the food and do not suspect that it is – at least – an allergy.

The only solution in this case: “avoid food”says Epstein. You read that correctly: If you can’t digest your shellfish, stop the struggle by starting the experiment again the following year. Say goodbye to them. Your stomach will thank you.

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