Football player at regional level 3 for Saint-Germain-du-Puy and international player for Saint-Martin

Defender of Saint-Germain-du-Puy, in Regional 3, is currently in the national team on the other side of the planet. Donovan Fils Amy is training in the West Indies with St. Martin’s team and is going to play a match against Trinidad and Tobago, the country that qualified for the World Cup in 2006. For him, this training is a great discovery.

Full discovery

“I’ve never been to Saint-Martin (a French overseas community separated from Guadeloupe since 2007), points out this 22-year-old defender. I’m French and have no direct ancestry. The only link I have is my father, who is of Haitian descent. And an Arab game of phone. Between Coach Stephane Ofray, one of his future team mates Wilfried Dalmat and coach of his club Mounir Sofiani.

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The latter says: “My friend Wilfried Dalmat (ex-Bourg and Verizon player, today with Portuguese Joy, at R2) called me, who plays selection and who told me the coach was looking for a central defender. The Germinois coach immediately thought of Donovan Fils-Aimé.

“For me, he had the profile. Even if he plays in R3, he has the level he plays in National 3. He stayed at Saint-Germain to keep progressing. He’s a boy I trained with at Bourges 18 and he followed me. Mounir Sofiani sent videos to Stéphane Overray, who was seduced and invited him to this course, which began on Monday.

“It’s a great opportunity, I captivated the player before leaving and with a smile. I don’t know yet. I think it will be when I’m there. I’ve dreamed of representing a select group since I was very young. A dream come true to Mounir Sofiani’s joy: “I’m very happy for him, he’s a great boy”.

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“I dream of representing a select group since I was young?”

Great boy who talked a lot with Auvray and Dalmat before he was gone. “The coach told me he wanted to play, that he wanted to keep the ball,” says Donovan Fils-Aime. “It’s similar to what we do at PSG.

Antonin Besson and Ludovic Origan

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