She chose to celebrate her birthday at Costco!

She chose to celebrate her birthday at Costco!

A North Carolina woman gifted herself a $40 Costco meal for seven for her birthday, and now claims it’s “the best birthday dinner ever,” and the cheapest ever.

In a recent video posted to TikTok that has been viewed more than 2.1 million times, Madison, who goes by the name @allthingsbeautybymadisson, hosted her birthday party at Costco. “Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating it at Costco,” she says, adding that her favorite part is the meal. His entire family wore jackets bearing the Costco logo.

They headed to the dining hall and sat down at the picnic tables. For seven people, they ordered five hot dogs, chicken, chicken Caesar salad, cheese pizza, and a soda. All for $40.

Some time later, Costco employees brought him a free birthday cake while he sang.

“I really wasn’t expecting that. It’s so nice of them. It’s the best and most affordable birthday dinner ever,” she says, encouraging her followers to celebrate their birthday at Costco.

In the comments, this new trend of celebrating your birthday at Costco seems to be very popular.

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