Satellite roadside assistance has arrived on iPhone (video)

Satellite roadside assistance has arrived on iPhone (video)

With the arrival of iOS 17, all iPhone 14 and 15 devices are available Satellite roadside assistance. In particular, it allows users (in the United States) to contact the AAA roadside assistance company for vehicle repair. This satellite solution allows connectivity to be maintained even in… “White areas.”

In a video for his YouTube channel, Brian Tong gives an overview of this feature.

To use this new option on your iPhone, simply go to the Messages app. You must type the word “Roadside” in the address field to trigger the function. By launching the option “Help is on the way” On the iPhone, the latter will search for the satellite Global Star Above our heads to connect to it and use it as a relay antenna.

In its information document about this feature, Apple specifies that it is essential to use this feature in an open area as much as possible. Clear skies are a real plus for reducing interference. At the moment, the Cupertino company has not provided any details about this matter This feature launches outside the United States.

Launch in France?

This feature is supposed to be launched worldwide, but in the absence of an exact timeline, it is still too early to determine the launch date in France. The solution, which seems to work well in the video above, could be very useful in France.

Several areas of our territory, especially in the mountains, are still “white zones”, and the use of satellite assistance can make it possible to maintain emergency communications in extreme cases. This feature is an extension of the satellite SOS option that Apple already introduced last year when the iPhone 14 was released.

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