Luke no premaup. A preventive day led by many health professionals

This year, the fourth edition of Health Day at La Primaube Health Center addressed other topics (prevention of skin cancers, oral prevention, information on smoking cessation) in addition to the topics discussed during previous editions (self-examination workshop, information on cancer Breast and cervix, colorectal cancer test done, smear taken). A day organized by the Regional Cancer Screening Center, Aveyron Site (CRCDC OC) represented by Dr. Kalin Ngono Nziechweng (distribution of colorectal cancer screening), Helen Delmas in charge of prevention (self-examination workshop and information on breast and cervical cancer) and by the Sud Health Center Ruthénois (represented by health professionals from the Pole). Among the health professionals in the group present during the day and running a ward were Dr Didier Limarie (prevention of skin cancer), Marie-Laurie Voguet (prevention through physical activity – introduction to Nordic Walking – and information on smoking cessation), Marielle Alboy (prevention Through Physical Activity – Introduction to Nordic Walking – and Information Platform on Smoking Cessation), Paolo Magni, Medical Intern (Self-Examination Workshop and Information on Breast and Cervical Cancers), Melanie Filident, Medical Intern (Prevention through Physical Therapy) Activity start to Nordic Walk), Alex Morey, dentist (oral prevention), Alexander Herod, dentist (oral prevention dentist), Marianique Delmas, dentist (oral and dental prevention), Frederic Siez, MD Teeth (prevention of the mouth and teeth), Sarah Julian, midwife (doing screening tests), Benedict Negri, midwife (doing screening smears). Primaubois Gym Club is a local Nordic Walking partner association. About twenty people attended to participate in the various workshops and learn about prevention. This event is the first to be organized after the signing of a partnership agreement between the CDC and the Health Cluster. Upcoming dates. As part of this partnership, which strengthens the ties between the two structures, Olivia Teillard, Maison de santé coordinator, has announced the following dates for the 2023 procedures: March 7, 2023 for Mars Bleu Day, Skin Cancer Screening Day in May 2023 with Dr. Coming soon to the nursing home and October 3 for Health Prevention Day.

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