GTA 5 Next Generation, Digital Foundry Analysis

It would be hard to deny the power of the series GT In our video game area. An epic with humble origins, but one that has grown in strength over the years. latest installment, GTA 5 It was released in 2013 on Xbox 360. A game that fell behind everything that had been seen up until then, both technically and in terms of the richness of its world. A show of strength was due for the Remaster in 2014 on the Xbox One generation. A new success that would have sold like hot cakes even today… Rockstar needs to revamp their coffers, while waiting for the next episode, and has chosen to revive Michael, Franklin and Trevor over the current generation of consoles. This is nine years after its initial release. So, is this “next generation” version a joke or a well and deservedly remastered? The British from Digital Foundry chose to consider the question. The analysis here is for the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions, Similar except for some shadows under vehicles (absent on Xbox), and slightly longer load times on PS. DF specifies that the Series S version will be analyzed later.


The video starts with the famous load times. Previous edition buffs know that these editions were pretty long. With an initial start-up exceeding 2 minutes, here we are greatly reducing it. From now on, you will have the right to upload 20 seconds to Series X! In terms of character-to-character transitions and checkpoint packing, you can count on almost instantaneous. The SSDs of our current consoles are clearly in the spotlight here!

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Graphics modes:

Now about the visuals and gameplay. GT 5 The next generation offers three graphics modes. The first is called Fidelity, delivers native 4K/30fps with Ray Tracing shadows. Demonic accuracy emerges from the picture, but with gameplay very close to previous versions. To feel the difference at this point, it will be necessary to turn to the performance modes. Further, you will be presented with two. The first is called RT performance, with 1440p/60fps enhanced with the same shades of Ray Tracing as Loyalty Mode. It offers impressive stabilization, despite a few slight frame rate drops if war breaks out on the screen. The last mode is called Performance, retaining 1440p/60fps, but excluding RT . shadows. The result is a less beautiful picture in the shadows, but more stability during intense battles.

The last word:

Analysts say so The preferred mode is definitely RT . performance. Because not only does the photo turn out to be great, but above all 60fps is what changes the situation. thanks to him, GTA 5 Reborn at its best, while enjoying directing its character much better than previous versions on consoles. On the other hand, the performance mode turns out to be really optional, to the point that one can wonder why it is there… Anyway, GTA 5 remains a pure masterpiece in 2022. Definitely to try if you’re new to the series and to gladly give back to others! Especially since the online situation has been greatly expanded over the years. With, among other things, many individual contents, which can satisfy all kinds of players!

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