Presidential elections | She wants “literally everyone else” to see her name on the ballot

Presidential elections |  She wants “literally everyone else” to see her name on the ballot

(Houston) A Texas man who changed his name to “literally everyone else” has decided to run in the US presidential elections scheduled for next November, which is expected to take place against Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump.

A 35-year-old Texas university professor and veteran, who has legally changed his name to “literally everyone else,” is trying to collect the necessary signatures to run for president, amid the possibility of a 2020 rematch between Joe Biden, 81, and Donald Trump, 77. It interests a large portion of American voters.

“My name is 'Literally Everyone Else' and I'm running for president of the United States,” he recently said in an interview with WFAA in Texas. “It's not really about me, it's more about the idea of ​​'everybody else,'” he explained.

Since the middle of the nineteenth centuryH In the twentieth century, only presidents from both the Republican and Democratic parties have held office, although alternative candidates have also run.

“We can find better among the 300 million Americans,” who is estimated to be “literally everyone else,” formerly known as Dustin Eby. “Indeed, there has to be another way for people like me who are tired of this constant bipartisan power grab that doesn't benefit people.”

He added: “People vote for the lesser of two evils, not for someone they believe in or support.” “They should have the choice to vote for someone who looks like them and represents them.”

The candidate, who is already campaigning wearing a T-shirt that says “Literally Everyone Else 2024,” needs at least 113,000 signatures from supporters who did not vote in the primary to be considered for the ballot.

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Current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are currently neck and neck in the polls.

“I'm not kidding myself. It's going to be very difficult, but it's not impossible. I hope it's Donald Trump and Joe Biden and then 'literally everyone else' right below that,” the potential replacement candidate said.

Voters also have the option of writing “literally everyone else” directly on the ballot.

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