Recruiters do not change the life of the Nantes club

Florent Mollet and Joao Victor gave an overview of everything they can bring to FCN. Not enough to really change the lives of the Canary Islands.

Very short at the mouth, FCN did not have enough legs to resist Marseille’s movements for more than an hour. It’s a bit like the promises that first-time recruits sow in Canary Jersey. Florent Mollet and Joao Victor had beginnings that Antoine Compoir rightly describes“interesting”.

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At the break, the bar was set much higher, with the former Montpellier man displaying new control in midfield and the Brazilian showing ease in defence. But the two already gave too much, and the result of the first goal punished them both: Mollet, like Pedro Chirivella, did not stop the Portuguese side’s run because he had already received a yellow card; Joao Victor, he let himself be carried away a lot at the start of the event and had the misfortune, upon his arrival, to push a ball into his own goal which he challenged in Cengiz Under (57).

Delort was praised by BeaujoireEight minutes later, a less intense calf left the turf for Nantes to switch to a sort of 4-2-4 that sacrificed the quest for control in favor of rhythm. Joao Victor, he stayed grounded till the end. And like some of his associates, he ended up sticking his tongue out.

His last appearance for Benfica was on 26 November, and he finally made his debut. But what his coach also noticed was the rest of this third game on European soil for the 24-year-old defender: “He started against a team full of confidence, and in general he plays a great game. I’m not surprised. He’s athletic, he goes fast, he’s able to show himself, create gaps, and I like players who take initiatives on the field.”

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Not to the point of amending his selections for the Europa League: it is very likely that Joao Victor and Gwen Hajam, who came on at the end of the game in place of Charles Traore, are the two recruits who will not be included in Nantes’ list. In the 16th final against Juventus Turin (16 and 23 February). Like Fabien Centrons and Andy Delort, who appeared in the last quarter of the hour to applause from the field, Mollet will be one of the selectors. “He comes as expected of him, He summoned his coach. He is someone who is technically capable of putting out the game and making passes. He is the one who has to connect the middle and the attack. Scoring goals will also be good. »

On Wednesday, Mollet was on the last pass with the only shot on goal from FCN (Ganago, 35th positivity) before extra time (Gisand, 90 +1) and his resilient action contributes to the confidence his coach displays: “Now there are very good players, they want to play together. It has to be put in place.”

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