Sinellatino, Toulouse Meetings 2022: “Rio Doce” by Felipe Vert …

34And the Cinélatino Festival Edition, Toulouse Meetings 2022, Feature film in the fantasy competition : Rio Doce by Felipe Fernandez

In his first feature film as a director, Felipe Fernandez, who was assistant director for Kleber Mendonca Filho on Aquarius (2016) and Bakura (2019), the original film’s socially realist screenplay narrates Thiago’s daily life in a profound exploration of his identity from the discovery of his own biological filiation. The film is first and foremost an introductory story about a new social assimilation as the framework for male homosexual bonding diverges in adolescence. Thus, this journey leads Tiago to join the family ties that pass systematically through the women. next one, Rio Doce, as the title suggests, is an accurate and precise description of this area of ​​unknown name from Olinde, near Recife. Thus the geographical painting is multiplied by an internal psychological image where the protagonist presents himself and develops during all his encounters with freshness and serenity like the film.

“Rio Doce” by Felipe Fernandez © d

Rio Doce
by Felipe Fernandez
90 minutes. Brazil, 2021.
the color
Original language: Portuguese

With: Ocado do Canal (Tiago), Cynthia Lima, Claudia Santos, Carlos Francisco, Nash Leila, Thacia Cavalcante, Amanda Gabriel
Screenplay: Felipe Fernandez
Photos: Pedro Sotero
Editing: Quentin Delaroche
Sound: Lucas Caminha
1Dr Assistant Director: Melina Times
Technical Director: Thales Junquera
Fashion: Rita Azevedo
Production: Ponte Producees
Producers: Dora Amorim, Julia Machado, Thai Vidal
Co-producer: Gabrielle Dumon

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