Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Lottery: All items that can be obtained from the League Club 3D printer

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Lottery: All items that can be obtained from the League Club 3D printer

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A new feature is available in the “Indigo Disc” DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It is very easy to open and will allow you to store useful items for your adventure! We also advise you to take care of it early during your trip to the Myrtle Institute.

How to open and use the 3D printer?

  1. We meet at school, League club. Use theComputer To view available quests, ones you can give to MP.
  2. One task allows you to unlock the printer which will then be placed to the left of the computer. It's called “Test: Object Printer” and it's presented by the Science Club. It costs 200PM.
  3. The machine works in exchange for Pokemon materials (hair, claws, etc.) and berry points. So it's important to farm Blueberry activities well to get as many MP as possible.

Printer improvements

After using Object Printer a certain number of times, you will be able to improve it. This is done in exchange for Blueberry points and makes the item printer more efficient while unlocking other functions. Its image will also change (going from a simple Poké Ball to a Master Ball).

  • Basic printer (PokéBall – Free): Requires 5 MP for each item added,
  • Super printer (Super Ball – Upgrade to 200 MP): Requires 4 MP for each item added, and unlocks the “Double” perk (You can get double all rewards if the perk is activated. This is random.)
  • Hyper printer (Hyper Ball – Upgraded to 500 MP): Requires 3 MP for each item added, and unlocks the Lottery Balls function for additional balls if activated. This is also random.)
  • Main printer (Main Orb – Upgraded to 1000 PM): Requires 3MP resolution for each element added, unlocking the ability to print star pieces.
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Printer Rewards

The printer works like a lottery: you have more or less chances to get more or less rare things. The color of the printer, when activated, will tell you whether or not you'll encounter a legendary creature, for example. Regarding the “Double Printing” and “Lottery Balls” bonuses, you only have a 1% chance, after each use, of activating them (if you upgrade your printer to max).

Golden objects

These are the rarest items that can be obtained in the printer.

  • Maxi nugget
  • Correction ability
  • Gold capsule
  • A chipped teapot
  • Sugar star
  • Sugar bar
  • Eggs are lucky
  • Rune coin

Silver objects

Less rare to obtain, especially with evolution items.

  • What kind of terra shard,
  • stellar terra shard,
  • Candy XP XL
  • Bonbon XP L
  • Big pearl
  • Solid block
  • Star piece
  • Sweet shroom
  • Triple beads
  • Comet song
  • Capacity capsule
  • Silver capsule
  • Cracked teapot
  • Sugar clover
  • Sugar flower
  • electrical
  • Magmarizer
  • Draco scale
  • Mineral compound
  • Improver
  • The CD is questionable

Bronze objects

It's easy to get, with evolution items and items that improve/change stats.

  • pv plus,
  • protein,
  • iron
  • carbon
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • BP Plus
  • B Max
  • Bonbon XP S
  • Bonbon XP M
  • Pearl
  • Stardust
  • Big bamboo
  • Big mushroom
  • Rare bones
  • Metallic skin
  • Roche Royal
  • Medium bowl
  • Bill Ekael
  • razor fang
  • Synthetic fabric
  • Strawberry sugar
  • Stir sugar
  • Sugar berries
  • Enchanted feather
  • Black clay
  • Lensscope
  • Poison orb
  • Flame Orb
  • Accelerator
  • ball
  • remains
  • Light clay
  • Glasses filter
  • Great shoes
  • Loaded dice
  • Dark cape
  • Muscle headband
  • Healing Items: Max Potion, Ultra Potion, Ultra Potion, Full Heal, Heal, Summon, Max Summon, Elixir, Max Elixir
  • XP XS Candy
  • honey
  • Small mushroom
  • Little bamboo
  • Beautiful feather
  • Evolution Stones: Sun, Moon, Water, Fire, Lightning, Plant, Sunshine, Dawn, Night, Ice, Oval
  • Pierre Stasis
  • Silver powder
  • Fine sand
  • Pierre d'Or
  • A miracle seed
  • Black glasses
  • black belt
  • magnet
  • Mysterious water
  • Pointed beak
  • Eternal ice
  • Rune spell
  • Crooked spoon
  • coal
  • Dragon Fang
  • Silk handkerchief
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