TikTok View History: Find Viewed Videos

TikTok View History: Find Viewed Videos

Good news if you are a fan of TikTok: thanks to your watch history, you will be able to find the videos you have watched more easily. And even delete it to avoid leaving traces…

The younger one knows her well: tik tok Addictive and time consuming. Once you launch the app, it’s hard to resist the temptation to watch the countless videos presented in the ever-present stream of suggestions. But it is also difficult to find the ones you like if you do not have the reaction to “like” them at the time or to add them to favourites. Of course, you can always try to find it after the fact with keywords, but the process is long, tedious and uncertain. And to facilitate this particular endeavor, the Chinese platform has just added a welcome function in the latest update to its app: watch history.

Admittedly, there is an unofficial way to find videos that have already been watched: it consists in entering an asterisk in the search field in the Discover tab of the topic of the video, and then activating the “Videos Watched” filter. The results of this query provide access to videos that have been watched in the past seven days. The problem is that this manipulation is complex, not at all intuitive, and therefore very little is known. The Watch History feature included in the latest TikTok update makes it a lot simpler, letting you access your recent history — again, up to seven days of watching — and even delete it. An option that allows you, at times, to protect your privacy and avoid embarrassing situations in your relationship – just in case there are videos that will make your partner jealous…

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How to use TikTok view history?

TikTok now makes it easy to view your seven-day viewing history, and delete it at the same time. This function is accessible to both users under robot Only on iOS. Here are the steps to follow.

► Check that your TikTok app is up to date (at least version 25.5.4 on Android or 25.4.0 on OS) iOS) and running it.

► On the TikTok home screen, tap Your profile iconin the lower right bar.

► A new screen appears. Click on Three horizontal bars(“hamburger” menu), top right of the screen.

A pane appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on Settings and privacy.

► Then a list is displayed. In the department Content and activityJournalism watch history.

► You can then access your watch history, which shows all the videos you’ve watched over the past 7 days.

► Just tap on a video to watch it again. Be careful, they can’t be sorted and you’ll have to scroll through the videos to find the right one!

► It is also possible to delete your viewing history, to clear everything. To do this, press small gray equipmenttop right.

► A drop-down menu opens. Click on clear history.

► In this same menu, you can also deactivate the viewing history on your device by simply pressing a key on right watch history. An overlayed confirmation window appears. Click on disable to confirm the action.

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