Photographer Robert Mirand at an exhibition at Factrie 701

Photographer Robert Mirand at an exhibition at Factrie 701

Exhibition 2 ¼ The image, taken by Trois-Rivières photographer Robert Mirand, will be on display at Factrie 701 from September 9. The opening will be held in the presence of the artist on September 10 from 2 pm to 4 pm.

“I am a photographer by nature and by taste. By default I know how to sing, dance or draw. And by taste for magic, because at one time, photography was really magic! “We put a sheet of paper in the developer and the image came out,” confirms Robert Mirand.

“I was working in an office, and to be honest, I was bored and I was thinking about what I could do to express myself.. I stopped at photography because there is an artistic and scientific aspect that interests me. So I decided to sell my tank and buy a 2/4 camera and then take pictures,” he laughs. This is how Robert Mirand began his career as a photographer in 1969.

So his first camera was 2 ¼ film. This camera has the advantage of having two lenses plus a large (120mm) film.

He says he recently got a new 2 ¼ camera. “In April 2023, I bought a new 2¼ camera which is very funny because it is a plastic camera made in Hong Kong with a Russian lens. And since the device is made of plastic, it allows light to come in from everywhere,” he adds. [d’autant plus que son objectif est de plastique aussi]Therefore, we highlight the flaws. We are not looking for accuracy here. Since I’m opting for black and white, we’re looking more for shades of grey.

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(Photo: Robert Mirand)

Her exhibition brings together images taken with this new camera, as well as about ten 35mm shots that form a kind of retrospective. “The last image shown, we call it Modern life And it’s digital.”

Robert Mirand, 75, realizes that there are more difficult times in his career as a photographer, which is why he was also a printer, translator and teacher. The fact remains that Trifluvien has participated in more than 80 exhibitions in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. Many of his photographs are also part of the collections of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, Trois-Rivières and many other collections.

His gallery 2 ¼ It takes place at Factrie 701 throughout September as part of Photo Month. For more information, visit the Factrie 701 website.

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