Circadian disorders affect your mental health!

Circadian disorders affect your mental health!

Sleep and body clock disturbances can cause or worsen mental health problems. A better understanding of risk factors related to sleep and circadian rhythm offers the possibility of developing new preventive measures, such as adjusting meal times, or even school and work days.

The interrelationship between sleep disorders and mental health is well established, one way or another. For example, insomnia is more common among people with mental disorders than among the general population. Furthermore, studies focusing on circadian sleep-wake rhythm disturbances indicate that 32% of patients with bipolar disorder sleep and wake up later or earlier than usual depending on the stage of the illness (mania or depression). The biological clock will return to normal after successful treatment.

Adolescence, a period of change

An international team of researchers focused on sleep and circadian cycles in adolescents and young adults with psychiatric disorders. ” During this period people are at greater risk of developing mental disorders, sleep disorders, and Circadian rhythmsCircadian rhythms It is likely to happen. During adolescence, physiological changes in the way we sleep combine with behavioral changes, such as going to bed later, sleeping less on school nights, and sleeping in on weekends. », Reports statement.

Dr. Nicholas Mayer, co-author of the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesHe explained: “ This discrepancy in DurationDuration And sleep timing can lead to inconsistency between us Biological clockBiological clock and our sleep-wake rhythms, which can increase the risk of sleep disorders and adverse effects on mental health. »

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Find new treatments

A better understanding of the relationship between sleep, circadian rhythms, and mental health could lead to new treatments to alleviate mental health problems. Researchers have already determined a quantity MelatoninMelatonin In the evening to be able to help advance the biological clock. Meal and exercise schedules physicalphysical It can also have an effect on circadian phases.

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