Patrice tells Justine his four truths

Patrice tells Justine his four truths

Patrice looks like she’s had bad days while Justine doesn’t see anything coming.

Julien is heavy, Veronique is cute, Jean-Paul is lost, and Patrice is fed up. The new episode of Love is in the meadow He has arrived with a big surprise in store for you.

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Admit that you miss them. Our farmer friends are coming back, or going on vacation instead. This new episode of Love is in the meadow He’ll save a (bad) surprise for Justin. But we won’t tell you anymore. Come on, saddle up!

John Paul in vacation

So Jean-Paul and Maria went as tourists in Portugal. The sun and the beach are there, but not Jean-Paul’s good sense of humor. You have to understand JB, he didn’t have any money and had to go to the end of the street to get some…

…Well, it took 35 minutes anyway.

Julian Without filter

Dobbs’ breeder goes to his fiancé Tipu’s village to meet his family. At a family dinner in the presence of the in-laws, the educator shows his “unembarrassed” side by saying this in front of his mother-in-law:

“Can you believe me? When Thibault looked into my eyes the first time, I was cold.

Julian is a great poet with his mother-in-law

Julian adds, shocking his entire family in the process. But all is well, we will say that this is the “rough construction” aspect.

Patrice He had something to say

Here they are again! Our favorite duo, I named it: Justin and Patrice. Our lovebirds are on holiday in the Basque Country and the atmosphere is… how can I say…

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….somewhat freezing. Oh yeah, you didn’t see that coming. Neither does Justin. It must be said that she more or less “pushed Granny (Patrice) to the nettle” by her desire to direct her man’s entire life and squat in his house. For those with short memories here 👇🏽

But back to the topic. We left Patrice in his garden, making a lovely setting for his domineering lover’s rose bush and bam! Two weeks later, we find the couple on vacation, but also in the cold.

“Since she arrived, she wants to rule my entire life. It no longer works between us, I am distant and less touchy.

Patrice is nice, but he doesn’t give up.

So Patrice will take his courage with both hands and explain his doubts and fears to his beloved (we admit that we are a little afraid of Madame’s reaction). The farmer begins. Be patient!


Maybe I didn’t measure it, because I always lived alone at home. And there you impose yourself… I want fewer rules, I’m suffocating at home.


I don’t understand, I don’t lead… I initiate!


Do you still love me or not? What? Are you no longer in love now?


I ask myself questions, I was in love, but now I’m having a problem, because you’re imposing yourself too much.


If you want everything as it was before, what’s the use of me? To nothing?


I don’t know, I’m lost.

Here is the excerpt😳

Video: Watson

The crying and melodramatic music, we’ll spare you the details, but it’s not pretty what happens between our farmer and his suitor. As for the Toitos, let’s be honest, they don’t have Madame in their hearts.

Will Patrice return from his vacation alone? Will Julian finally know how to act? Will Jean-Paul find an ATM less than 5 km away? You will find out by watching the next episode of Love is in the meadow. Or otherwise, wait for us to tell you about it here Watson.

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