She was ordered to pay nearly $396,000 after setting an abortion clinic on fire

She was ordered to pay nearly $396,000 after setting an abortion clinic on fire

After being sentenced to five years in prison last September, a 22-year-old woman who set fire to a Wyoming abortion clinic in 2022 will have to put her hand in her pocket and pay a fine of nearly $300,000 US ($396,000 CAD). ).

Lorna Green will therefore have to pay $240,000 to the clinic's insurance company, $33,500 to the building owner and $24,500 to the founder and president of Wellspring Health Access, according to The Guardian. New York Daily News Wednesday.

The young woman entered the clinic building in May 2022 and started the fire after pouring gasoline on the floor. The clinic was scheduled to open its doors in a few weeks.

She was arrested last March before pleading guilty to a federal arson charge in June. A few months later, MI Green was sentenced to five years in prison and three years of supervised release.

Wellspring Health Access was Wyoming's second abortion clinic when it opened in April 2023. It is now the only one in the entire state after another closed earlier this month, due to increased costs.

Wyoming is among the states that passed a law banning abortion last March. But this decree was challenged in court and is still pending.

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