NASA is training these robots in the mountains for future missions to the moon

NASA is training these robots in the mountains for future missions to the moon

After l RobotRobot Flying Spacehopper is intended for AsteroidsAsteroidsHere is another animal element RoboticsRobotics Who can accompany a person on his return to moonmoon. he doordoor name spiritspiritIt resembles a four-legged robot of the Spot type, and was launched at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters above the snowy and rocky peaks of Mount Hood in the state of Oregon in the United States. The robot is part of Project LACEI (Science of autonomous, legged surfaces in analog environments).

The robot finds itself in a complex environment and must adapt to it to accomplish its mission. ©USCViterbi

One small dog step, but one giant leap for the moon

This project aims to teach the robot to adapt to its environment in real time. to'Amnesty InternationalAmnesty International Being called, the robot must be able to interact with what it detects as well as communicate with other robots on site to enrich their knowledge of the local environment.

On the moon, robots-dogdog You will have the advantage of being able to travel to areas that are difficult to reach with rover vehicles. Other wheeled and six-legged models are also being developed.

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