iPhone: There is no longer a possibility to go back to iOS 15.3.1

iPhone: There is no longer a possibility to go back to iOS 15.3.1

regulars Jailbreak He will be most affected by this procedure.

Shortly after the new update is released, Apple allows its iPhone users to roll back to the previous version of the operating system in case of problems with the new update, such as bugs or Significant decrease in autonomy. Others benefit from discount about Jailbreak their iPhones thus taking advantage of the blocked features and apps.

A few days ago, Apple introduced iOS 15.4, bringing new features like Face ID with a mask, global control, new emojis and Tap to Pay, an option that turns your iPhone into a payment terminal. An update followed iOS 15.3.1, bringing additional security to WebKit (the Safari engine) and terminals that use braille, which don’t always respond correctly.

iOS 15.4 rolled out to hardly all iPhones that Apple no longer actually signs iOS 15.3. In other words, it was removed by Apple. So it is impossible for those who are not satisfied with iOS 15.4 going back to the previous version available since mid-February. The Jailbreakthey can go back to iOS 15.3.1 to hack their iPhone.

Along with iOS 15.3.1, Apple also stopped signing tvOS 15.3, which could also have been used Jailbreak.

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