NASA drone victories on Mars on video

NASA drone victories on Mars on video

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[EN VIDÉO] Ingenuity's historic mission to Mars Monday 19 April 2021 will be remembered as the day…

there NASANASA It was announced a few days ago. Ingenuity, the first human machine to fly in the skies of a planet other than Earth, has made its final flight over Mars. The 72ndH On a mission that was supposed to last only a short month and allow, at best, five flights in the skies of the Red Planet. Finally, theMartian helicopterMartian helicopter It will have flown about 129 minutes and covered about 17.7 kilometres RingtonesRingtones. Engineers Jet Propulsion LaboratoryJet Propulsion Laboratory NASA, which built it, tells in a video how they got there.

Here are the most extreme flights of NASA's Ingenuity helicopter. © NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Versatility, chopper for all records

In the beginning there was the first historic flight. That was on April 19, 2021. But, through demonstration technology, Ingenuity quickly entered a more operational phase of collaboration with roverrover perseveranceperseverance. About a year ago, engineers expanded the limits of flight on Mars. The 49thH The flight was suitable for both speed and altitude records. When they get Ingenuity off the ground it hits 62H In flight, they almost doubled their records again reaching 36 km/h and a height of 24 metres.

To Mars and beyond

All this without forgetting that the helicopter was to be used to scout the terrain for Perseverance. So engineers also improved Ingenuity's imaging methods. All these experiments will help develop future flying machines that they will send on a trip to Mars. Or somewhere else…

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