Apple Store employees ask to receive a tip

Apple Store employees ask to receive a tip

Regular employees of the Apple Store in Maryland, USA, want to integrate the tip option into all of their credit card terminals.

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The application was submitted to the employer in the past few days, which has not yet responded to the branch union.

The union points out that the approach will allow employees to feel valued at work.

“Apple must incorporate a tip option for all of its in-store terminal transactions. The options will be: No Tip, 3%, 5%, Custom Tip. This will allow customers to express satisfaction with the service received. […] Tips will be redistributed among employees” suggests, among others, the Regulated Retail Employees Alliance.

Discussions between the employer and the union are still ongoing, according to Bloomberg.

The affected Apple Store is located in Towson, Maryland.

Feedback is shared on social networks. Many believe that tipping culture “goes too far”. Here are some of the reactions collected on Twitter.

“This transformation culture is out of control.”

“If customers are up for it, why not, but I wouldn’t tip a retail clerk.”

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