Menopause: Fahine Support Institute

Menopause: Fahine Support Institute

This is a first in French Polynesia: the opening of an institute specializing in menopause. It opened its doors in Tahiti on June 20 in Mamau. At its head is a gynecologist with 40 years of professional experience. The goal of this medical institute: to help women overcome this milestone in life through specific treatments.

It is the first institution of its kind in Tahiti. At the Menopause Institute in Mamaw,This appointment with the gynecologist is similar in format to all other appointments, but Basically the exchange is not really the same.

Here we are just talking about the problems of women who no longer have their periods. Some have been waiting for this to be heard for a very long time.”We have little problems as young women, and it's good to have an ear that listens to us.“, says one of the institute's patients.

In front of her, Tawut Fahin is an experienced gynecologist. After 40 years of practice, including 25 years in Tahiti, this gynecologist, who has delivered more than 11,000 babies, decided to open this center to meet the growing demand from women.

“They come to see me because they are often a little bit neglected, they don’t know where to go. I offer them a place to listen, they are all a little bit lost because of this episode of their life that poses so many problems and difficulties for them and it is very annoying.”

Jean-René Sandrock – Gynecologist at the Menopause Institute

Hot flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, mood changes… As treatments for menopausal symptoms in women, the doctor offers hormonal treatments and even sessions on specific devices. The care protocols were pre-tested by his wife.

“We cannot prescribe and advise things if we have not experienced them. Women in menopause do not become obsolete, on the contrary, they are a new youth if we have the tools to overcome it.”

Mary Sandrock – wife of a gynecologist, nurse and psychotherapist

Lifting taboos related to menopausal problems and supporting women as much as possible during this period of their lives is the challenge faced today by the first menopause institute opened since June 20 in French Polynesia.

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