Interstellar: Nolan “stole” a scene from another science fiction movie

Back in Christopher Nolan’s famous film, and a miniseries that seems to have been borrowed from another science fiction movie: The Unknown Event Horizon by director Paul W. S. Anderson.

Simple pen and paper.

Lorsqu’il tente d’expliquer à Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) le fonctionnement d’un trou de ver, et la manière dont le vaisseau Endurance parviendra à traverser l’univers, Romilly (David Gyasi) utilise ces tr deuxd objets I see him.

Having folded the paper in half, he pierced it with the pen to evoke the curvature of space that would allow the ship to pass instantly from point A to point B.

This small sequence, which takes place in the middle of Interstellar and allows viewers to understand how the characters’ journey unfolds, is borrowed from another science fiction movie, much less well known than Christopher Nolan’s.

In fact, in 1998, Event Horizon: The Ship Overseas, by Paul W.S. Anderson, came out. Kind of a Hellraiser space that didn’t make much noise in the rooms, but ended up finding its audience thanks to its video exploit.

We follow the crew of the Lewis and Clark who are sent on a reconnaissance mission to explore the wreckage of another missing building near Neptune. In one scene in the film, Dr. William Weir, the scientist played by Sam Neill, explains to his teammates the concept of a wormhole, just as Rummelli would do 15 years later in the Nolan movie.

“Forgot this!”Paul W.S. Anderson told us last August, on the occasion of the release of his film in the 4K Collector’s Fund.

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“It’s the scene where an actor stabs at a folded paper to explain a scientific concept. It’s completely taken from the same scene in Event Horizon. They say, ‘If you have to fly, fly it’s better.’ So if someone stole some ideas from me, I can’t Really complain!”

The same interpretation was also taken up by the character Natalie Portman in Thor: Love And Thunder, which was released last summer, with reference to the two feature films: Interstellar and Event Horizon.

(Re)discovering the ‘Event Horizon’ trailer…

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