Promotion and descent in regional championships: Limousine club results

In group A, Jirah and girls Still in the struggle to rise in the N3. Her verdict will be delivered on the last day scheduled for Saturday, May 28 (6 pm). With a two-point lead on La Rochelle and three on Feytiacois, Guérétois needs just one point against Poitiers on Saturday, during the final day, to check his rise.

In group B, ESA Brive (3rd place), JA Isle (7th place), AS Saint-Pantaléon (10th place) They are leaving for a new lease at R1 next season.

regional 2

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Rise at R1: S. Panazol (first pool C).

They go down to R3: CA Rilhac-Rancon (Group 11 C), Limoges-Landog (Group 12 B).

They reside in R2: USE Couzeix-Chaptelat (Group II C), AS Aixe-sur-Vienne (Group III B), AS Gouzon (Group III C), Limoges Beaubreuil (Group IV C), Limoges Lafarge (Group V C), AFP Limoges (Center VII) Hen C), ESM La Sotrine (Eighth Hen B), JA Ile B (Eighth Hen C), US Donzenac (Ninth C Hen), S.A. Le Palais-sur-Vigne (10th Hen B), Tolle F C (the tenth chicken c).

Regional 3

Rise at R2: CS Boussac (first rally E).

They come down to the area: ES Brive Portuguese (Group 11 D), AS Chamberet (Group of General Package D), Avenir Bellac-Berneuil (Group 11 E), US Felletin (Group 12 E).

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Stay in R3: AS Panazol B (Group II D), EF Aubusson (Group II E), Argentat FC (Group III D), ES Guéret B (Group III E), SS Sainte-Féréole (Group IV D), CS Feytiat B (Group D) ) E), AS Saint-Junien (Group IV F), ES Nonards (Group E D), AS Saint-Sulpice-le-Guérétois (Group E), US Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat (Group VI D) , US Bessines-Morterolles (Group VI E), ESA Brive B (Group VI F), SC Verneuil-sur-Vienne (Group VII D), CA Meymac (Group VII E), AS Limoges Roussillon (Group VIII D), Vigenal Limoges (Group Eight E), ASPO Brive (Group Ninth D), AS Aixe-sur-Vienne B (Group Nine E), AS Saint-Pantaléon B (Group Ninth F), AS Beynat (Group Ten D), AS Châteauneuf -Neuvic (10th group E), Tulle FC B (10th group F).

Ascend from an area to R3: Limoges Football, JA Isle C (Haute-Vienne), AS Jugeals-Noailles (Creuse), CA Peyrat-la-Nonière or RFC Sainte-Feyre (Creuse).

among women
The Limoges footballfifth in the play-off stage of R1 will be accompanied by the first regional next season byESA BraveGroup B Regional Champion 2.
Winner of the Inter-Provincial Limousine Championship, theAS Saint Pantalion You will evolve into R2 along withES Gueret And FCC Oradour-sur-Vayres.

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