Matthew Monteiro: “Today there is still a lack of confidence but it is true that the sporting results and the fact that there is a coach who means a lot to the fans has calmed down a bit”

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on me France Blue GirondeAnd the Matthew Monterocolumnist at Golaku TVTwitter account, Twitch, YouTube Portuguese football news, talk on Gerard Lopez in Boavista. Can we say it started poorly but is progressing?

“We can say it like this even if the distrust is still very present at the club level because there are unpaid salaries, in particularAdel Romy Who could have caused this possible ban on enlistment, which eventually won’t happen. There was also a case a season and a half ago of a player from Chavez Who should have come to the club but who should have signed at the club because of financial problems Boavista in the winter of 2021. However, he was only a player in the second division, which aroused little concern, and great concern even among the fans, Boavista. They also see well what’s going on Bordeaux And maybe especiallyAxel Mouscronwhich is a fixed club in the galaxy Gerard Lopezhis football empire if we can put it that way, on the same level as Boavista. The mistrust still exists today, but it is true that the sporting results and the fact that a coach means so much to the fans have calmed things down a bit over the past few months. »

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